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The Cast

Ah Beng

Introducing the icon of Singapore, a true blue Singaporean who has mastered the language of Singlish, AH BENG!

Ah Beng is a young man who had just finished army and is currently working in different places. He loves the job of mobile phone salesman and 2nd-hand car dealership because it’s a great place for the “Bengs”. In case you don’t know he idolizes Jovan Chew…

In this show, Ah Beng introduces his life and you can get an insight of his worldview. Even though he speaks Singlish, he is able to communicate with the “Angmos”.

Be careful, he is easily irritated so don’t mess around with him!

Duck Vader

A real supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Star Wars fan, overly obsessed with the movies, here comes DUCK VADER!

Duck Vader, whose original name is Anakin Duckwalker, is obviously a DUCK. He believes he is on a mission to become a sith so that he can conquer the universe. He thinks he has the force, and he thinks has the power to rule. In this show, he attempts to control the audience with his force and speaks about his ambition of becoming the number one Star Wars fan!

That’s the problem when a duck becomes overly obsessed with Star Wars.

Harry The Glamorous Horse

A celebrity horse in the making, Harry The Glamorous Horse!

Harry is a fun and wacky horse who always like to irritate people. Most people doesn’t know about his background and it’s amazing that he is one of the instigator of 4D results!

Harry loves to be in the limelight and it will be hard to keep him away into the box!

Master Wong

Hailing from Mainland China, Master Wong is an old pugilistic master skilled in the art of Wing Chun. Living in Singapore for the past 20 years, he still have that China accent with that nationalist pride in his speech.

Understanding that he will be in the Comic Vent Show, Master Wong offers to speak in Chinese and tries his best to speak in English.