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Roving Ventriloquist

If you are looking for a unique pre-dinner activity you should consider Joseph’s mingling ventriloquism. The mingling ventriloquist is one of the very unique item that you can give to your guests.

With his puppet sidekick, he will entertain the guests during pre/cocktail events. Guaranteed to make your pre-event activity even more colourful! Imagine all the “wows” and “heys” when the puppets starts talking to the guests!

The mingling ventriloquist item lasts for 60 minutes and the audience will meet up to 3 different puppets. The puppets are always in the limelight right at the first minute of appearance. You can expect many selfies and group photos taken with these witty puppets. You can also provide some product/service endorsement and the puppets will “promote” for you!

The mingling ventriloquist is perfect for:

  • Pre-Event activity
  • Cocktail party
  • Shopping centre mingling
  • Product endorsement